Nerdy Rhymes for Good Times ^v^

Cavs OR Warriors?

On this Thursday, June 1st The NBA Finals 2017 Is coming at you live On the nearest TV screen So who’s gonna win it all This year might you ask? … Continue reading

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Credit Score Calculator

Make a payment on a bill Pay your rent, climb that hill For every payment that you make Slowly raises credit stake However if you just miss one thing Your … Continue reading

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Life is a journey

Life is a journey You’re given a spot In this wonderful world Let’s see what you’ve got With the time that is given What will you do? There are so … Continue reading

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I can’t believe it’s not BACON!

I got up this morning Want something to eat Decided to make Some toast what a treat I buttered the bread So toasty and neat And took a few bites … Continue reading

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Free Stuff

Do you have a smart phone, or tablet device? That’s right something with android I won’t say it twice Then check out this app called verydice you will see With … Continue reading

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March Madness

I think that the March Madness college basketball tournament Epitomizes great sports as its impact can be permanent It starts with 64 teams passionately competing With clear favorites but also underdogs oh … Continue reading

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Santa’s Pokemon!

You know Mewtwo and Ninetales and Zapdos and Blastoise, Chansey and Weezing and Lapras and Snorlax But do you recall The most famous Pokemon of all? Charizard the orange nosed … Continue reading

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1.99 not 2.99

This morning I went to the grocery store To get some food for breakfast galore Biscuits and gravy make the world go ’round So I searched for some at the Deli, they … Continue reading

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Render this Render that

Render this Render that With the fastest processor That you can look at Create some graphics Build a car Make it drive oh so far Around a building Through some trees Behind a giant … Continue reading

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Sandlot Soccer Anyone?

As I walked to the park  Down the street with my bag I heard a dog in a yard Singing songs with their bark  On my way to the grass … Continue reading

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