Nerdy Rhymes for Good Times ^v^

Cavs OR Warriors?

On this Thursday, June 1st The NBA Finals 2017 Is coming at you live On the nearest TV screen So who’s gonna win it all This year might you ask? … Continue reading

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Sandlot Soccer Anyone?

As I walked to the park  Down the street with my bag I heard a dog in a yard Singing songs with their bark  On my way to the grass … Continue reading

June 26, 2016 · Leave a comment

USA Copa America Dreams

The excitement built up As the players arrived To start Copa America 2016 What rhymes with arrived? Columbia came, and the USA fell 2 – 0 they suffered a defeat … Continue reading

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The Ball of Life

Bounce the ball, Of Life. Dribble dribble, stop, pivot. Find the best option for, Your team, and your fans. Make a decision and execute, Aiming for success as you shoot, … Continue reading

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