Nerdy Rhymes for Good Times ^v^

USA Copa America Dreams

The excitement built up As the players arrived To start Copa America 2016 What rhymes with arrived? Columbia came, and the USA fell 2 – 0 they suffered a defeat … Continue reading

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Oh, Windows 10 Mobile

When the contract expired on my cellular plan, I became free to roam and seek out a new brand. Though Android was fun to use in the sun, I wanted a change, … Continue reading

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Forever and a Day

Forever and a day, My dear. We’ll always be together, Here. I’m blessed to have you, In my life. Our love is golden, Free of strife. Like I always say, … Continue reading

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Search for Glory

To write a song about, The aspects of life. From care free melodies, To ones sharp as a knife. With harmonies that add, Layers to the story. About a journey through, Someone’s … Continue reading

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Hello World

If weather is nice, Then one will wear shorts. Else one will put on, a warmer device. “Hello World”, How are you? I am fine, Just got over the Flu.   … Continue reading

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The Ball of Life

Bounce the ball, Of Life. Dribble dribble, stop, pivot. Find the best option for, Your team, and your fans. Make a decision and execute, Aiming for success as you shoot, … Continue reading

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Ode to Mario

Jumping on pipes, Avoiding  the hurdles. They fly, they fall, And bounce on those turtles. To save the princess, These brothers unite, And fight evil King Koopa, Into the night.

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From Pong and Mahjong

From two plumbers who jump, Between platforms and such. To the open world aspect, Old games not so much. From pong and mahjong, To GTA V. The object most often, Is stay … Continue reading

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If My Cat Could Talk

What would he say, when I gave him a pat? Or threw him a treat, or something like that. What might he plead when I caught him alone, With TP … Continue reading

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